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2017 marks our 50th year serving the tool and die industry


Our dedicated team of craftsmen have over 150 years of combined experience


We are dedicated to providing on-time delivery, quality and value


D.A. Fitzgerald Co., Inc. is a dedicated team of craftsmen with over 150 years of combined experience serving the tool and die industry. We have been an industry leader in on-time delivery, quality, and cost for fifty years. We are a second generation, family-owned business.


D.A. Fitzgerald Co., Inc. creates value in the market place by assisting businesses to create and develop exciting new products and helping them achieve their revenue and profit goals. We are in the business of meeting and exceeding customer needs through flexibility, quality of services and exceptional delivery. D.A. Fitzgerald Co., Inc. is an integral link in the manufacturing process. 

Our customers serve diverse markets and industries including logistics, material handling, consumer products, environmental, technology, maintenance, production facilities, automotive and transportation industries. We are adept at meeting the needs of these wide ranging markets.

DA Fitzgerald Company

D.A. Fitzgerald Co., Inc. makes it easy to do business. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We earn our customer’s respect every day. We are esteemed in the community. We are flexible in the work we can do for our customers and have a wide knowledge of tool and die services. Our team members work side-by-side with our customers' engineering departments and give them the respect they deserve. Our experience speaks for itself – 154 combined years of machining practices and knowledge.

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